Mustn’t Grumble

When asked, “how are you?”, my Grandfather would always roll out the same response; “mustn’t grumble”.

This got me to thinking, why is it when I ask my peers and contacts how they are, all too often they respond in a negative fashion.  Yes I know that times are hard and for many, the recruitment sector is proving to be a bit of a challenge.  But are these times really that hard?

Looking back over my Grandfather’s life he lived through two World Wars, the great depression, rationing and numerous recessions.  Yet, he didn’t read a daily newspaper, only really listened to the Archer’s on the radio and watched a bit of sport on telly (although back then it was mainly wrestling!).  But what he did do, was to just get on with it and it has to be said that he certainly enjoyed his fair share of success in life.

Obviously today we are living in different times.  We have 24 hour rolling news, we are exposed to countless media channels and have a phone strapped to our ears all day.  All of these pushing a great deal of communication around jobless figures, the eurozone capitulation, economic shrinkages, rising fuel costs, rioting and many other negative vibes.  No matter how hard a shell you have, combined with a naturally positive disposition, it is almost impossible to get through the day without being subjected to further negativity.

Comparing my life with that of my Grandfather’s, can I really justify being negative?  I have a great home life, friendships and importantly enough business to keep working flat out.  Yes I have known better markets, yes I have known my clients to be busier and yes I have had more disposable income than I do right now.  But guess what, I am healthy, I have a busy and growing business and I live in a comfortable Western Society.

So when it comes down to it, you know what – I mustn’t grumble……